Jon Stallkamp, MD, named interim VPMA at Bryn Mawr Hospital

By Andi Gilbert, president, Bryn Mawr Hospital; Gary Perecko, president, Riddle Memorial Hospital; and Andy Norton, CMO

As previously announced, Dr. Ray Baraldi, VPMA, Bryn Mawr Hospital retired on December 4. We are very grateful to Ray for his contributions to Bryn Mawr Hospital and Main Line Health.

The process of succession planning for the physician leadership position at Bryn Mawr is in progress and we anticipate that process will take into the 1st quarter of 2018 to come to conclusion. We have asked Dr. Jon Stallkamp to temporarily add the responsibilities of interim VPMA at Bryn Mawr to provide a seamless leadership transition while the succession planning continues.  Ray and Jon will meet immediately to facilitate a smooth transition. Jon will retain his Riddle VPMA responsibilities during this period. As such, Jon will be relying on the medical staff leadership (MOC President, Campus Chiefs) at both Bryn Mawr and Riddle to assist him with day-to-day operational issues.

In an email to BMH medical staff, Stallkamp stated:  “I want to thank you in advance for your support as I step into the role of interim VPMA at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Part of Ray’s hard work and legacy at BMH is to leave a strong medical leadership team. I look forward to working with the campus leadership. I value your feedback and thoughts and you will find my door open whenever I am on campus.”


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