John Marks, MD, speaks at iSPIES Conference in Las Vegas

On February 10, John Marks, MD, chief of Colorectal Surgery, director of Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery and Rectal Cancer Management Fellowship, Lankenau Medical Center, MLHC, presented at the Summit for Perfusion Imaging and Excellence in Surgery (iSPIES) Conference in Las Vegas. This meeting of over 500 surgeons was hosted by Stryker Endoscopy and focused on ICG (indocyanine green), a protein that binds to lipoproteins in the blood and is activated by near-infrared cameras to fluoresce and glow green. Use of this new technology correlates with better blood flow assessment and ultimately improved healing and a decrease in anastomotic leak rates.

“As a global leader in colorectal surgery at Lankenau Medical Center we are recognized as innovators in quality and safety,” said Dr. Marks.  “Our center is excited and proud to share our research and stories of patient care excellence with surgeons from around the country to help improve colorectal surgical outcomes.  Working with our industry colleagues to develop and deliver new technologies for our patients, we are partnering to help make things better.”

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