PIVOTal Moments and Update on Launch– Keep Up The Great Work!

Dear colleagues:

The MLH team has demonstrated a tremendous level of commitment, dedication and agility since our PIVOT launch on March 3. At Launch Control in Malvern – where we are maintaining 24/7 support – we’ve stayed true to our original strategy as we remain nimble and identify opportunities to be more efficient and effective in responding to tickets from end users.

Likewise, our Hospitals, Patient Access, HIM, MLHC, and Finance teams have maintained Satellite Launch Centers to provide real-time, local support to staff across the System. To date, our Intake & Triage Center has received nearly 17,677 tickets. 13,502 have been resolved and the team at Launch Control is working diligently to resolve the remaining open tickets. Our Epic partners have reinforced that the number of entered tickets and the rate at which we resolve them is on par with a launch of this scope.

Our critical tickets have involved issues related to clinical documentation, printing and scanning, and adjusting to the new system in registration areas, which have led to some increased wait times. Understandably, this has created a number of patient satisfaction issues. Each day, we see these critical areas improve.

We continue to hear examples of PIVOTal transformations from across the System, particularly related to the new system enhancing our commitment to patient safety, continuity of care, and real-time reporting and analytics. I wanted to share an excerpt from a note sent to me from one of our Credentialed Trainers provided by our consulting partner:

“The Main Line Health culture has been the best I have had the pleasure to work in. I have observed a great energy, passion, commitment, and drive during training and launch that I have not witnessed elsewhere and is what I attribute to such a smooth acceptance of this momentous change-over for Main Line.”

On behalf of the entire Leadership Team, please accept my sincere gratitude for going above and beyond to serve our patients while also supporting your colleagues during this historic transformation.  It has truly been an honor and privilege to witness the excitement, energy and collaboration that represent the MLH spirit. I hope you will take a few minutes to enjoy the below video which captures just some of the moments across the System.


Again, thank you for your commitment to ensuring our successful launch of Epic. This new system enhances our ability to deliver a STEEEP experience every time, everywhere to everyone. Keep up the great work!

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