Gastroenterologist Carol Semrad, MD, presents at Paoli Hospital Grand Rounds

By Janet Wendle, director, Diabetes Management Program

On May 16, Carol E. Semrad, MD presented to Paoli Hospital physicians and community members on new therapeutic potentials and treatments for celiac disease. Dr. Semrad is a gastroenterologist at The University of Chicago Medical Center specializing in small bowel diseases and nutrition.

Given that celiac disease is a very prevalent topic in today’s society, Keith Laskin, MD, medical director of the Celiac Center at Paoli Hospital, invited Dr. Semrad to present to this engaged audience.  Registrants were able to join clinicians in learning more about the disease and had an opportunity to ask questions. A gluten-friendly lunch was prepared for community members by the cafeteria staff at Paoli Hospital.

All attendees took away a better understanding of the risk factors associated with celiac disease, the recent and upcoming advances and developments and their application to clinical practice, and the dietary and nutrition requirements for those who have been diagnosed.


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