Announcing MLH’s newly appointed medical directors for Emergency Management and Riddle EMS

By Barbara Wadsworth, SVP, chief nursing officer

Dr. Joseph Bushra – System medical director, Emergency Management, MLH

It is our pleasure to announce Joe Bushra, MD, as the new System medical director for Emergency Management for Main Line Health. Dr. Bushra succeeds Ben Usatch, MD, who held this position for four years. Our sincerest recognition and acknowledgement goes to Dr. Usatch for his valuable contributions, including leading the preparation for the Papal visit in 2015, the annual Villanova Basketball games (Go CATS), golf tournaments and many other community events.

Dr. Bushra worked closely with Dr. Usatch on all of these events and brings significant qualifications to the role. In his new role, Dr. Bushra will have administrative responsibility for emergency management across the System, will promote a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to patient care in emergency and disaster situations, and will manage an operational plan for implementing strategic goals to guide sustained performance and perpetual readiness. Dr. Bushra will also have responsibility in mass casualty, mass gatherings and disaster preparedness. In the event of a mass casualty or mass gatherings as well as disaster preparedness, he will provide direct physician leadership including System-wide communication.

Additionally, he will ensure strategic knowledge of current practices, scientific advancement and best practices in interacting with external Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies and services, including patient care, policy and education.

Joe has worked at Lankenau Medical Center since 2003, and serves as the ED Campus Chief. He brings over 19 years of experience. Joe graduated from Jefferson Medical School and completed his ED Residency at MCP. Joe brings excellent clinical expertise, knowledge and emergency management experience to his new role. This role is in addition to his current duties at LMC.

Dr. Michael Whalen – medical director, Riddle EMS

We’re also pleased to announce that Michael Whalen, MD, is the new medical director for Riddle Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In this role, Dr. Whalen will be responsible for coordinating and revising an operational plan to achieve sustained performance and perpetual readiness for emergency management with Riddle’s EMS. In collaboration with Riddle and MLH System leadership, Dr. Whalen will provide medical leadership, supervision and direction to the Riddle EMS Emergency Preparedness program and provide medical oversight to the quality of care delivered by EMS. He will facilitate the implementation of policies, procedures, protocols for Riddle and MLH.

Dr. Whalen will also work closely with Administration to identify resources required to support emergency management, including staffing, educational qualifications, training programs and more. Additionally, he will provide medical direction for emergency response responsibilities for MLH-owned EMS assets and represent Riddle and MLH in county emergency management operations. Dr. Whalen will report directly to Dr. Bushra.

Shaun Essex, regional VP, Administration, Paoli and Riddle Hospitals, Phil Robinson, president, Lankenau Medical Center, and Barbara Wadsworth, SVP, CNO, share responsibility for Emergency Management in direct collaboration with Drs. Bushra and Whalen. We excited for the wealth of knowledge and expertise that both Drs. Bushra and Whalen will bring to their new roles.

Michael has worked at Lankenau Medical Center since 2015.  Michael graduated from Temple School of Medicine and completed his ED Residency at Temple. Michael brings excellent clinical experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to lead as the Medical Director. This role is in addition to his current duties at LMC.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Joe Bushra and Dr. Michael Whalen.

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