Mirmont’s Scott Giacomucci presents on addiction and trauma treatments

Mirmont’s Director of Trauma Services Scott Giacomucci, MSS, LCSW, CTTS, CET III, CP, PAT, presented an all-day seminar last week titled “Addiction & Trauma Treatment In Action: Sociometry, Psychodrama, and the Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM)” on Friday with the help of an action healing team composed of Sharon Gera, Darrell Briggs, and Amy Stone. Multiple attendees commented that “it was the best training I have ever been to!”

This workshop highlighted the cyclical relationship between trauma and addiction while outlining Mirmont’s experiential trauma services.

After providing didactic teachings, multiple sociometric and psychodramatic processes were demonstrated in-action with the training group. Sociometry tools were emphasized with their capacity to develop group cohesion, strengthen relationships, and identify shared experience/identity. The significance of safety and strengths were underscored through Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) safety structures. A psychodrama vignette focused on gratitude was enacted to demonstrate the power of psychodrama.

Thanks to everyone who attended – and thanks to the Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy for co-sponsoring this event!

Read more about Mirmont’s services here – https://www.mainlinehealth.org/specialties/mirmont-trauma-treatment


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