Contributions in memory of Pittsburgh shooting victim requested

I’m Jonah Klein, a 4th year general surgery resident at Lankenau, spending the year in the lab with Dr. Wallon, and have had the fortune of meeting most of you. My mother is Rabbi Cheryl Klein of Dor Hadash Congregation, one of the three synagogues within Tree of Life in Pittsburgh. She works as the synagogue leader all but the last weekend of every month, and was with my family in Philadelphia the day of the shooting. During the massacre, 1 of the 11 victims was Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, family doctor, and our dear family friend. Pittsburgh is a strong community, and being at his funeral, I know how much outreach there has been, and will be, for Dr. Rabinowtiz and the other victims and their families.

Dr. Rabinowitz’s passion for primary care and devotion to his patients and community needs to be remembered across the state. His story must be told and retold in an effort to rebuild our terrible loss and rid the world of hatred. He graduated the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and in partnership with the family medicine residency program at the University of Pennsylvania, we are raising funds in hopes to create an endowed scholarship in his memory and honor. We have created a GoFundMe account to raise funds:

Thank you for your contributions and please pass this on to anyone in the Philadelphia medical and research community. We continue to pray for the victims, their families and the healing wounded.

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