Employee Survey results show decrease in engagement

By Paul Yakulis, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

We have received the results of our Employee Engagement Full Survey, which was administered in October 2018.  Over 67% of our team members took the survey and provided us with valuable feedback on engagement, managerial and organization drivers of engagement, as well as our custom questions regarding Diversity, Patient Safety and a Magnet Bundle for nurses.

The overall results for MLH showed a decline in engagement from last year, dropping MLH from the 53rd percentile in 2017 to the 44th percentile in 2018. While this is disappointing, we thank you for your candid feedback and willingness to be a part of the solution.  We also received the results for each entity and every department that had 5 or more responses.  Over the next couple of weeks the results are being shared at Leadership Assemblies, and specific results for each department will be made available to department managers. Managers are expected to share the results with their teams to ensure that everyone knows how their workgroup did in the survey and to decide as a group what to focus on for your action plan.

Open and honest communication is not only one of our core values, but also critical to ensuring we continue to make positive changes to create a superior work environment and patient experience.

Thank you for your commitment to making MLH a great place to work as well as a great place to give and receive care.

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