New Pavilion education

By Jon Stallkamp, MD, regional vice president of Medical Affairs, Bryn Mawr Hospital

 I want to thank those of you who have attended a new pavilion orientation session. I also want to thank all of the campus chiefs for providing the education on the new facility. We are very excited to be in the new building in early February. If you are a surgeon and have not yet had orientation to the new space, please follow up with Dr. Rose or Toni Acello for additional education on the new functionalities of the OR.

One major change that is happening when the new building opens is around the issuing of scrubs.  Scrubs will now be dispensed by way of a scrub vending machine. The scrubs themselves are also changing.  We have moved to a new color as well as a higher quality material.  I have attached another power point discussing the scrub vending machines.  Please remember, as usual, scrubs are not to be worn or taken home. Thanks again for all your support with our transition to the new building! We are hoping for final approval this week from the department of health and a move starting Superbowl weekend.

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