ACTION REQUIRED: Survey for Epic End Users

By Don Klingen, MD, CMIO and Jeff Bryers, System Director, Enterprise Applications

Epic end users,

We are preparing for Epic’s third and final post-launch visit. Prior to their other visits, we distributed surveys to help gauge productivity and ease of use with Epic as well as to help the PIVOT team:

  • Prioritize outstanding issues
  • Spot trends
  • Identify struggling departments or user groups
  • Measure improvement

Epic will return for the third post-launch visit in February. In preparation for that, we are asking that you complete the survey once again. By getting your responses to the same survey questions, we’ll be able to gauge our progress since July and continue to identify areas in need of attention.

Please complete the second post-launch survey here by February 8.

Don Klingen, MD
PIVOT Physician Lead

Jeff Bryers
System Director, Enterprise Applications

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