MLH employees and staff should remain vigilant for signs of phishing attempts

By Paul Yakulis, SVP, Human Resources, Main Line Health


As you know, email phishing attempts remain a growing security threat both for our organization and our employees. Phishing attempts are intended to gather personal, sensitive or financial information which can be used for illicit purposes.

We recently received an alert from the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center (DVIC) that email phishing attempts are likely to increase during the 2019 tax season. The attempts may be used to obtain personal information that could be used to file fraudulent tax returns in your name.

Please remain vigilant in looking out for signs of phishing attempts in both your work and personal email accounts.


  • Use the phishing prevention tips, found on HealthStream, whenever you use your email.
  • Be cautious of opening messages from email addresses you don’t know. In your MLH email, be particularly cautious with those marked as “[EXTERNAL].”
  • Do NOT click on any links or download attachments from unknown email addresses.
  • Never supply your user credentials or other personal information in response to an email request, regardless of how authentic the email looks. (Note: MLH will never ask you for sensitive information over email)
  • Similarly, do not enter your username or password to an unfamiliar website.
  • Be mindful of what websites you are on and make sure they are legitimate. (e.g., versus

If you do receive a suspicious email to your MLH email:

  • Report it immediately to the Help Desk at 484-596-HELP (4357) or
  • Include any actions you may have taken, such as clicking on a link and entering information before realizing it was suspicious. Knowing will help us more accurately protect Main Line Health.
  • Do not forward the email to anyone unless directed to by the Help Desk.
  • Do not respond to the suspicious email.
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