SBAR:  Locations of Death Certificate Bins for Signature Changing effective April 15

By Jonathan Stallkamp, MD, regional VP, Medical Affairs, BMH & LMC, and James R. Gengaro, DO, regional VP, Medical Affairs, Paoli Hospital and Riddle Hospital

SITUATION: The Death Certificate Bins that are currently housed at each campus’ ED Registration will be moved to the Public Safety (Security) Office.

BACKGROUND:  In December, the postmortem process was standardized across the System.

ASSESSMENT:  During the operational adaptation of the policy, it has been recommended that the Death Certificate Bin be moved to the Public Safety (security) Office. This will help to streamline the process as well as increase Public Safety’s awareness as to who is in the building.

RECOMMENDATION: The Death Certificate Bins will be moved to Public Safety effective Monday, April 15.  Please notify your teams accordingly.

  • BMH – Security Monitor Room inside the Bryn Mawr Avenue Main Hospital Entrance
  • LMC – Main Hospital, Zone A, 1st Floor (off of the stairs leading to the cafeteria)
  • PH – Pavilion, Ground Floor, ED waiting area
  • RH – Public Safety Office, Main Hospital, 1st Floor, ED Waiting Room
  • BMRH – Death Certificates will continue to stay with the human remains


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