STEEEP Huddle:  E for Equitable


This week’s STEEEP Huddlecontributed by Barry Mann, MD, chief academic officer and Chinwe Onyekere, System director, Health Equity and Graduate Medical Education, focuses on Main Line Health’s annual Disparities Colloquium. As part of the Diversity, Respect and Inclusion initiative, MLH is focused on eliminating disparities of care and ensuring all are treated equally and with respect. Employees can focus on reducing disparities at point of care and achieve a greater understanding of our patients’ and co-workers’ cultural backgrounds. This year’s Colloquium will be held on Friday, June 7, 7-9am in the LMC Auditorium.  Video conferencing will be available at other locations announced in Connections.


The STEEEP Huddle topics are posted on the Performance Excellence 2020 site at


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