SBAR:  Epic Sepsis Early Warning System to go live on May 14


By James Gengaro, DO, regional VP, Medical Affairs, Paoli & Riddle Hospitals


SITUATION: MLH will launch the Sepsis Predictive Model BPA beginning May 14, 2019. This will impact ED, IP, Surgical Services and Procedural areas


BACKGROUND:  A Cognitive Computing Model was included in the Epic 2017 release to assist with the early detection of sepsis.  Based on work done by Epic from 2012-2015 and over 500,000 encounters, a model was created that takes into consideration 68 parameters resulting in sepsis prediction scores with approximately 10% more true positives and 27% fewer false positives when compared to SIRS.


ASSESSMENT:  Through work with Epic and reference calls with other health care systems, MLH has determined to implement the predictive model and an associated BPA to support clinicians with the early detection of septic patients.  In keeping with this mission, the BPA will fire for nursing when a patient reaches a threshold of 4% likelihood of sepsis and at 6% for providers.  These thresholds best match the timing of the early clinical monitoring and interventions these patients require.



  • Disseminate the attached information to your staff via unit safety huddles, Friday Facts/emails, department/unit meetings
  • Have the tip sheets available for staff on May 14 and subsequent days
  • Reinforce the education point that following the hyperlink in the BPA and completing the appropriate documentation or order placement will satisfy the BPA and prevent frequent re-firing


    • Nursing documentation that a provider was notified (step 3 on tip sheet)


    • Provider 1) selection of an acknowledgment reason, 2) addition of sepsis to the clinical impression/problem list OR 3) the placement of sepsis related orders (step 2 on tip sheet)


Questions can be referred to Dr. Lia Desposito, Beth Ann Puckett or Tess Lombardi


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