MLH To Go: Bringing Hospital Week (and more) to you!


On average, more than 6 million emails are sent across the MLH network each month, yet employees can still feel disconnected. We now have a new, more efficient way to communicate internally that will help us better engage with each other regardless of physical location – and eventually cut down on some of those 6 million emails.


Introducing MLH To Go – a new mobile app for employees and medical staff. MLH To Go is an easy way to stay connected to the news and updates you want to see. Inside the app, you can personalize your feed by following channels of interest to you.


Download MLH To Go now by searching for it in the App Store or Play Store or by texting “MLH” to 43506 to receive a download link. Use your MLH email and network password to sign in. Please note that as part of our IT security efforts, you must be registered for multifactor authentication (MFA, previously known as Phone Factor) in order to access the app. Find instructions on how to sign up here.


Want to see how your colleagues are celebrating Nurses Week and Hospital Week? During those weeks and beyond, the #Life@MLH channel is your go-to place to see posts from colleagues across the System and for you to share your own posts.


What can you share in the app?

  • Photos of you and/or your colleagues at MLH-sponsored events or volunteering in the community

Congratulating a colleague for winning an award or doing a great job

  • A fun moment that makes you proud to work at MLH

If it’s something you’d feel comfortable sharing directly with your colleagues and senior leaders, it’s likely appropriate to post in the app.

All user-submitted posts are subject to review. By submitting a post to MLH To Go, you are also consenting to allow that photo/video to be used on Main Line Health’s social media channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).


**As always, please be mindful of the privacy of our patients and visitors. Do not post images taken in patient care areas or that may include a patient or their health information.**

Read the FAQs below or contact with questions.

What is MLH To Go?

MLH To Go is a mobile app for Main Line Health employees and medical staff. It’s an easy way to stay connected to news from the organization and your colleagues as well as updates specific to your campus or entity.


Who is MLH To Go for?

MLH To Go is for all Main Line Health employees and medical staff.


What do I need to register?

After downloading MLH To Go from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, sign in using your MLH email address and network password. If you’re not already enrolled in multifactor authentication (MFA) to access the MLH network remotely, find instructions to sign up here.



How do I download MLH To Go?

Search for MLH To Go in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Or text “MLH” to 43506.


Why should I download MLH To Go?

MLH To Go offers an easy way to get news and updates no matter where you are. You can also better connect with colleagues by sharing your own posts or liking and commenting on others’ posts.


Am I required to download MLH To Go?

You are not required to download the app, but to ensure you don’t miss out on any news or updates, you may wish to create and personalize your newsfeed on the web version instead.


Do I have to enable push notifications?

You may choose to disable push notifications, however, we strongly encourage you to enable and leave push notifications on, so you don’t miss the most important news and updates.


How often do I need to check MLH To Go?

We recommend checking at least a few times a week. You may find that you’re able to catch up on the latest content and engage with others in as little as two minutes each time.


I don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to download the app. Can I still access MLH To Go content?

You can access the web version of MLH To Go here.


Can I follow a channel for another location or entity?

Yes, you are welcome to follow channels for locations or entities that are not your home location or entity.


Can I post on MLH To Go?

Yes! We encourage employees and medical staff to share photos and stories about life and work at Main Line Health.


I have a photo/story that I think should be shared on MLH To Go. Where do I send it?

The easiest way to submit your photo or story is directly through the MLH To Go app. Use the “Post” (plus sign) icon in the bottom menu.


Who do I contact with feedback or questions about MLH To Go

Please send any feedback or questions to

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