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As a regional health system, we know all too well about the consequences of violence. Today, June 7, Main Line Health is proud to support the AHA’s third annual Hospitals Against Violence day of awareness, and we remain grateful to the health care professionals who work every day to provide compassionate care to victims of violence in all its forms. You can become a #HAVhope supporter by visiting AHA.org/havhope to spread the message.

At Main Line Health, safety is our chief priority—and that equally encompasses the safety of our patients, visitors, and staff. Earlier this month, we were honored to host The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) along with local lawmakers at Lankenau Medical Center to allow them to hear firsthand from hospital staff and leadership about ways lawmakers can improve workplace safety for health care staff throughout the commonwealth. Senator Judy Ward (R–Blair) outlined Senate Bill 351 and her plan to raise the penalty for assaulting a health care worker while performing a job duty from a misdemeanor to a felony. Representative Pam Snyder (D–Greene) then shared how House Bill 39 would remove the requirement in Pennsylvania law that hospitals include health care staff’s last name on their identification badges.

During the forum, several of our employees shared their first-hand experiences of physical and verbal abuse by patients and their families or visitors. I am incredibly proud of our staff members who so bravely shared their personal experiences from either witnessing or being the victim of violent acts against health care workers, and for expressing so eloquently the benefits of the proposed bills.

Please take a moment to watch highlights from the forum:

We’ve taken many important steps over the last two years to increase our ability to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe, but we know that our work is not done. Thank you for all that you do to uphold our culture of safety and keep not only our patients and visitors, but also yourselves and your colleagues safe, while providing excellent care.

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