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Pa. Health System Trains Staff on Care for LGBTQ Patients
NBC10: Mainline Health is introducing a new service for LGBTQ patients. The hospital is in the process of training 11,000 staff members in order to give LGBTQ patients the best care.

Additional news media reports on MLH physicians and the health care industry, excerpted from MLH’s daily Morning News Report:

Main Line Health News…

‘I Thought I Was Going To Die’: First-Of-Its-Kind Treatment Uses Sound Waves To Treat Common Heart Condition
CBS3: There is a medical first being conducted in Pennsylvania. Sound waves are being tested to treat a common heart condition.


Regional Health News…

Jefferson exec’s health care vision shaped by unique obstetrics career, wife’s cancer battle
Philly Voice: Bruce Meyer has a big job, big ideas and a bigger family








Healthcare Business News…

A Year After Spinal Surgery, A $94,031 Bill Feels Like A Back-Breaker
Kaiser Health News: Since her spinal surgery, Liv Cannon has been able to work in the garden and play with her energetic dogs without the prospect of hours or days of pain.


Quality and Safety News…


Why You Should Take A Peek At Your Doctor’s Notes On Your Health
Kaiser Health News: Liz Salmi’s long battle with brain cancer has included surgery, chemotherapy and many doctors’ visits along the way. When she requested her medical records and read her doctor’s notes, she says, they were like a time capsule of the care she has received.


Patient Care News…

Miracle Machine Makes Heroic Rescues — And Leaves Patients In Limbo
Kaiser Health News: ECMO, the most aggressive form of life support available, pumps blood out of the body, oxygenates it and returns it to the body, keeping a person alive for days, weeks or months, even when their heart or lungs don’t work.

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