STEEEP Huddle:  E for Efficient


This week’s STEEEP Huddlecontributed by Steve Czapla, System director, IT Customer Support, focuses on the MLH IT department’s launch of a new self-service password reset service powered by ServiceNow. This service provides MLH employees with the ability to reset their own network password easily and securely from their workstation or mobile device. By simply completing a one-time registration and selecting a few short personal challenge questions, you can rid yourself of the need to place a call to the ServiceDesk. Register now by clicking here, it takes less than 2 minutes to complete. *You will be asked for your employee ID and cell phone number when registering so please locate and have it available when you register. Once you’re enrolled, the next time you need to reset your password, you can do so easily from a non-MLH device or from your MLH device.


Please use this attached STEEEP Huddle template as a guide to conduct your unit-based Huddle or during your departmental staff meeting. In clinical areas that huddle every day, the discussion can expand over the course of the week to include specific examples of how that week’s topic applies to the unit or workgroup. For non-clinical areas, determine the best way to cover the weekly STEEEP Huddle in your departmental meetings. You can also access the STEEEP Huddle on the PE2020 site:


Reminder: In order to reinforce accountability, the question, “My unit routinely conducts the STEEEP Huddle,” will be included in our employee engagement survey this fall.

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