Clinical Trial of the Week: Post-surgical treatment trial for patients diagnosed with grade II meningioma

Researchers seek patients who’ve been diagnosed with grade II meningioma and whose tumor has been surgically removed. This phase III clinical trial seeks to determine if radiation therapy (RT) can improve outcomes. There are two treatment arms:

  • Arm 1: clinical observation after gross total resection
  • Arm 2:  radiation therapy 5 days per week over 6.5 or 7 weeks for a total of 33 treatments

Inclusion criteria:

  • Newly diagnosed unifocal intracranial meningioma, gross totally resected, and histologically confirmed as WHO grade II
  • For step 1 registration, the operating neurosurgeon must provide the modified Simpson grade (1-3). GTR must be confirmed on post-op imaging following the most recent surgery; pre- and post-operative MRIs are required for patient (see protocol for specifics if second surgery occurs)
  • Prior to step 2 diagnosis of WHO grade II meningioma confirmed by central pathology review

The principal investigators for trial NRG BN003 are Albert DeNittis, MD, and Paul Gilman, MD. More information is available at

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