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Doctors are more likely to prescribe opioids later in the day — or if appointments run late

STAT: A study published in JAMA Network Open on Friday reveals that physicians were more likely to prescribe opioids later in the day and when appointments were running behind schedule.

Additional news media reports on MLH physicians and the health care industry, excerpted from MLH’s daily Morning News Report:


Regional Health News…

‘Crackhouse’ or ‘safehouse’? U.S. officials try to block Philly’s supervised injection site

Philly Voice: Philadelphia could become the first U.S. city to offer opioid users a place to inject drugs under medical supervision. But lawyers for the Trump administration are trying to block the effort, citing a 1980s-era law known as “the crackhouse statute.”

Philadelphia health officials investigate 2 more cases of E. coli

The Inquirer: The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is investigating two more cases of E. coli that were reported Friday.


Quality and Safety News…

Fifth person dies from lung illness caused by vaping, CDC confirms

Philly Voice: Health officials confirmed on Friday that a fifth victim has died to due to a vaping-related lung disease that has affected over 450 patients across the country.


Patient Care News…
In an emergency, where ambulances take patients differs by race, study finds 

STAT: A national study published in JAMA Network Open on Friday found there were differences in the emergency departments where patients were taken by emergency medical services, based on their race or ethnicity.




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