MLH Cardiogenetics Consultation Service

By Ned Z. Carp, MD, President, MLH Medical Staff, and Lawrence L. Livornese, Jr., MD, Chairman, Department of Medicine, MLH

As you may be aware November 14 is Genetic Counseling Awareness Day.  With continuing advances in genetic testing, as well as wider availability and more affordability, genetic evaluation is becoming an important part of personalized care.  Simultaneously, the genetic testing landscape is becoming increasingly complex to navigate.  

For nearly two decades, we have had a strong cancer genetics program at Main Line Health.  In an effort to meet our patients’ and providers’ growing needs around genetics, the program has expanded. We are extremely pleased to introduce the MLH Cardiogenetics Program, and the MLH Prenatal Genetics Program.

A sampling of candidate patients that may be considered for referral to cardiogenetics include those with certain conduction abnormalities, both dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathies, diseases of the aorta, and significant dyslipidemias.  Indications for prenatal genetics include abnormal prenatal test results, exposures during pregnancy, carrier testing, advanced maternal or paternal age, personal or family history of genetic disease, among others. 

All patients seen within the MLH genetics programs are directed back to their managing physicians for continued care, and a report including findings, test results and guidelines for follow up is provided to both patient and provider.  

Please see attached fliers on the MLH Cardiogenetics and Prenatal Programs.

MLH Cardiogenetics Program Info Sheet


For more information, contact:

Cristina Nixon, MS, Cardiology Genetic Counselor                  

Taylor Reeve, MS, Prenatal Graduate Genetic Counselor         

Rachael Brandt, PhD, MS, Program Manager                         


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