Clinical Trial of the Week: Radiotherapy trial for patients with certain types of breast cancer

By Donna Loyle, communications specialist, LIMR

Tailor RT is a multicenter, randomized, non-inferiority phase III trial evaluating outcomes among certain breast cancer patients treated with regional radiotherapy (RT), that is, RT to regional nodes following breast-conserving surgery (BCS) or RT to the chest wall and regional nodes following mastectomy.

Each patient is grouped into one of four study arms:

  • Arm 1A: receives whole breast irradiation following BCS
  • Arm 1B: no radiotherapy following mastectomy
  • Arm 2A: receives whole breast irradiation plus regional RT following BCS
  • Arm 2B: radiotherapy to the chest wall and regional nodes following mastectomy

Inclusion criteria:

  • Must have been diagnosed with biomarker low-risk, node-positive breast cancer and no evidence of metastases
  • Must already have been treated with BCS or mastectomy and will receive endocrine therapy for five years
  • Must be willing to undergo the treatment protocol as specified for the study arm into which the patient has been randomized

The Main Line Health principal investigators for the Tailor RT study are Albert DeNittis, MD, and Paul Gilman, MD. For more, email or visit

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