LIMR Seminar: Invention that tests electrical signals within the heart

Gan-Xin Yan, MD, PhD, LIMR professor, will give a talk about his innovation, the arterially perfused ventricular wedge preparation (wedge prep for short) that can accurately record all electrical signals in the heart, even in its innermost layers.

The wedge prep is now used by other research entities, and several pharmaceutical firms have sent representatives to LIMR to learn the technique from Dr. Yan. The FDA now requires experimental drugs to be tested to ensure they don’t cause long QT syndrome. Dr. Yan is testing wedge prep as an option to be used in preclinical studies for drug-induced long QT syndrome.

His talk, “Blinded validation of the rabbit ventricular wedge assay with 34 compounds including 28 CiPA drugs,” will be in McLean Conference Room, Lankenau Medical Center, on Thursday, Feb. 20, at 2 pm. All clinicians and researchers are welcome.

For more on Dr. Yan and his research, visit

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