Keeping ourselves and patients safe during COVID-19


It has been reported that one of the COVID-19 cases in the US is a physician who may have been experiencing symptoms, but continued to work, and consequently, exposed at-risk patients and their families to the virus. This is an unfortunate situation and we hope for the best possible outcome for the physician and those who may have been exposed.

I hope this can be a reminder for all of us why it is now more important than ever that no one comes to work when they are feeling ill or if they have been potentially exposed to COVID-19 either through travel or close contact with a confirmed or potential COVID-19 patient. Please encourage any staff in your offices to do the same. We cannot care for our patients if we do not care for ourselves.

As always, thank you for the safe, high-quality care you provide to our patients every day.


Ned Carp, MD

President, MLH Medical Staff

Chair, Medical Executive Committee

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