Visitor Restrictions across MLH

Sent on behalf of Andrew Norton, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MLH

Main Line Health Team:

The safety of our patients, visitors and all our MLH team members is our primary consideration as we respond to the Coronavirus. To protect our staff, visitors and community we are restricting visitor access on our campuses, effective Friday, March 13. The following rules apply:

  • We are not allowing inpatient visitors unless clinically necessary (for example: maternity care—maternity patients may have one support person– and end of life situations will be limited to one visitor at a time)
  • In outpatient areas, we are allowing one support person per patient

Any approved visitors must pass a risk assessment screening before entry, which includes a series of questions related to travel and respiratory symptoms.

We are communicating with our maternity patients via their OB offices so they know what to expect when they come for delivery.

For other situations, like critically ill patients, we are working with our medical staff and nursing team to communicate to patients’ families as necessary regarding visitation.

We are in the process of broadly sharing this message across all our communication channels, including signage which will be in place as soon as possible.

Across the System, our team has risen to the occasion to be sure we are providing the best possible care to our community during this challenging time. We are incredibly grateful to all of you for your support and patience in providing compassionate, human care to all who come through our doors.

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