Interim VPMA Leadership at the acute hospital campuses

Medical Staff Colleagues:

As many of you are aware, our regional VPMAs– Drs. Jon Stallkamp and Jim Gengaro— have been helping lead our COVID System Incident Command Center since we implemented our CODE ORANGE last week. Their leadership at the System level helps ensure Systemwide decision making, while allowing us to efficiently communicate and scale our efforts across the System.

In order to continue to provide campus level physician leadership we have named interim campus VPMAs at the acute hospitals.  These appointees will work closely with the campus administrative leadership and medical staff leadership. Each interim VPMA will be supported directly by an associate interim VPMA. Below is the breakdown of these individuals by campus.

Interim VPMA for LMC – Dr. Scott Rushton

Associate for LMC – Dr. Bill Surkis

Interim VPMA for BMH –Dr. David Rose

Associate for BMH – Dr. Alyson Dobracki

Interim VPMA for Paoli – Dr. Kris Kaulback

Associate for Paoli – Dr. Drew Ulichney

Interim VPMA for Riddle – Dr. Caroline Bera

Associate for Riddle – Dr. Bill Ayers

Thank you for your commitment and flexibility as we work to provide the best possible care for our community, and leadership to our medical staff, during these unprecedented times.

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