Interested in Main Line Health’s research initiatives?

The research findings from MLH clinicians continues to grow in scope and breadth. Following are just a few recent noteworthy examples:

  • MLH’s John Marks and LMC colleagues published a new study describing their use of the da Vinci Single-Port robot, a platform designed to facilitate single-incision robotic surgery.
  • MLH’s William Gray coauthored a new report of the first-in-human novel approach for left-sided transcatheter cardiac interventions. Percutaneous atriotomy enabled placement of an LA-to-CS shunt for LA decompression.
  • Signs and care of post-cesarean peptic ulcer perforations were outlined by an MLH surgical resident and colleagues.
  • Lynch Syndrome was explored in a new book chapter by MLH authors.
  • Metapneumovirus was characterized and compared to other viruses.
  • Metacarpal fractures: radiographic analysis of optimal screw choice was coauthored by an MLH orthopedic surgeon.
  • The announcement that MLH is participating in Expanded Access programs for ruxolitinib and convalescent plasma for COVID-19 treatment.
  • Charles Antzelevitch, PhD, coauthored a new study that characterized and quantified the contribution of common genetic variations leading to susceptibility to Long QT syndrome.

To get frequent updates on research findings from MLH, follow the “MLH Research Reports” module on the MLHToGo mobile app.

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