Treatment trial for patients diagnosed with limited-stage small cell lung cancer

By Donna Loyle, communications manager, LIMR


Researchers seeks patients who’ve been diagnosed with limited-stage small cell lung cancer (SCLC) for a clinical trial that is testing treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy with the medication Tecenriq® (atezolizumab), or chemotherapy and radiotherapy without it


Atezolizumab is an immunotherapy treatment currently FDA approved to treat certain types of cancer. However, atezolizumab has not yet been approved to treat SCLC.


Each participant in this trial receives three cycles of intravenous chemotherapy over a 21-day period and radiotherapy. One group also receives atezolizumab intravenously on day one or two of each chemotherapy cycle. Cycles repeat every three weeks for one year.


Eligible participants are those with limited stage (Tx, T1-T4, N0-3, M0) SCLC. They must not have been previously treated with an immunotherapy agent.


Study NRG-LU005 is approved for all Main Line Health acute care hospitals. The principal investigators are Tracey Evans, MD, and Albert DeNittis, MD. For more, visit

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