Vaccination Update: What you need to know

Sent on behalf of Barbara Wadsworth and Jon Stallkamp, MD




Following the FDA’s issuance of an EUA for the Pfizer COVID vaccine, Main Line Health and other hospitals across the country are expecting to receive shipment of the first COVID vaccines this week. With this in mind, we would like to provide you an update on our vaccine distribution and planning.


Vaccination eligibility and categories 


Employees and medical staff have been carefully reviewed and organized into categories in accordance with the distribution recommendations from the CDC and the PA Department of Health. At Main Line Health, the vaccine will be administered in five categories based on risk of exposure to COVID-19:


  • Category 1: Hospital staff who have significant risk of exposure to COVID-unknown patients
  • Category 2: Staff who work with COVID-positive patients in COVID units
  • Category 3: Other patient-facing staff
  • Category 4: Staff who work in a hospital, but are not patient-facing
  • Category 5: Work-from-home staff


Categories were assigned based on the individual’s primary worksite or department. Ultimately, our goal is to vaccinate all employees and medical staff who are in patient-facing roles. Employees without patient-facing jobs will receive their vaccines at a later date. ​While the vaccine is not mandatory, we do encourage you to be vaccinated for your safety and the safety of our patients and community. Your manager should have received your category assignment late last week. Please reach out to your manager if you are unsure as to which category you are in.


We have received many questions about individuals who should not take the vaccine. At this time, we will allow staff who are pregnant or breastfeeding to be vaccinated, but strongly encourage that you consult with your health care provider before scheduling a vaccination. If you were unable to schedule your appointment previously due to the pregnancy and breastfeeding question and would like to schedule your vaccination, please try again tomorrow.


As previously mentioned in COVID communications and town halls, we will continue to work with our pregnant staff members who wish to be reassigned because of exposure to COVID-positive or COVID unknown patients.


Scheduling your vaccination 


For some employees in Categories 1 and 2, vaccination scheduling has already begun. If you have scheduled a vaccination for December 16th or 17th please be advised that you will need to reschedule your vaccination. We do not expect to be able to begin vaccinations on those days, as previously suspected, and appreciate your flexibility to find a new vaccination day and time.


Regardless of when you are expected to receive the vaccine, please remember: All employees and medical staff who wish to be vaccinated will be required to register for a Main Line Health MyChart account, if they have not done so already. You will not be eligible to receive the vaccine until you have an MLH MyChart account.


By opening an MLH MyChart account, you will be able to:

  • Receive notifications when you have been identified as eligible to get the vaccination
  • Schedule your vaccine slots
  • Sign vaccine consents
  • Have a record of the immunization


Signing up for MLH MyChart is easy and can be done at any time. Go to  and click on the MLH MyChart link. If you need assistance, please call our 24/7/365 portal help desk at 484.580.1080 or send a message securely using our support form. You will receive a MyChart notification when scheduling is available for you, based on your role.


When you receive the notification that vaccination scheduling is available to you, please take the time to schedule your vaccination and complete the pre-visit check-in process. If you do not intend to be vaccinated, we ask that you please designate this during the scheduling process. A demo is now available on MLH To Go and Wellspring on how to schedule and complete your pre-visit check-in.


Vaccination time slots will be available from 5:00 AM-12:00 AM. We ask that you consider scheduling your vaccine for the end of your shift.


Day of vaccination: What to know 


All vaccinations will take place at the Lankenau Medical Center Annenberg Auditorium. This is because Lankenau has ultra-low temperature freezers that will allow us to store the vaccinations safely. If you are not familiar with the Lankenau campus, please know that signage will be in place to direct you to parking on the day of your vaccination. When you come to Lankenau, please ensure that you have:


  • Your MLH ID badge
  • A second form of photo ID
  • Completed your pre-visit check-in on MyChart


Once you’ve received your vaccine, you will be asked to remain in the Auditorium for 15 minutes so that a member of our vaccination team can monitor you for any reactions to the vaccine. A physician will be on hand during every vaccination day, and EpiPens will be available in the event of an allergic reaction.


If you have questions, please consult our COVID Vaccine FAQs, available on the COVID Vaccine Wellspring page. If you have questions that are not answered here, please email As always, we thank you for your patience, cooperation and support during this time.


Barbara Wadsworth, DNP, RN
Chief Operating Officer | Chief Nursing Officer


Jon Stallkamp, MD
Interim Chief Medical Officer

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