Platelets Pathogen Reduction System (Intercept Blood System)

Intercept Blood System treated platelets (psoralen treated) platelets are a transfusion-ready product that deliver significant clinical benefits to patients to reduce risk of sepsis, transfusion infections and prevent graft-versus-host disease. ARX (American red cross) our blood product supplier, is slowly switching platelets to pathogen-reduced platelets and in due time will switch all platelets to pathogen reduced platelets. This will not cause any change in physician orders; we will continue to give platelets whether platelets are pathogen reduced or conventional. The Intercept Blood system is approved by the FDA as an alternative to gamma radiation for the prevention of transfusion associated graft-versus-host disease. Pathogen reduced platelets provides CMV inactivation level and therefore can be used for patients instead of CMV negative platelets. There is a slight difference in pathogen reduced platelets bags, the new bag is 2.8 inches longer than conventional bag and the new bag contains 2 words “psoralen treated”.


If you have any questions, please call Dr. Bhagat at 484-476-3521.

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