Tips for Using a Pedometer

5 Tips for Using Your Pedometer

1)      Wear your pedometer is clipped to your waistband or belt, midway between your navel and your hip in line with your knee.  Make sure it is tightly in place.  Pedometers must be parallel to the ground to work correctly. If tilted to one side, or if it does not fit snugly next to the body, it will not be accurate.

2)      Start by wearing the pedometer every day for one week. Put it on when you get up in the morning and wear it until bed time. Record your daily steps in a log or notebook. By the end of the week you will know your average daily steps. You might be surprised how many (or how few) steps you get in each day.

3)      Keep in mind that walking on slopes, up and down stairs, or bent over will affect the accuracy of the pedometer.

4)      While it is important to make your goal fit you, people often ask how many steps they should take. Most people will see improvement in their energy level, strength and lung capacity if they increase by 2000 steps per day. That’s about a mile or approximately 15 to 20 minutes of walking, something that almost everyone can do.

5)      A reasonable goal for most people is to increase average daily steps each week by 500 per day until you can easily average 10,000 per day. Example: If you currently average 3000 steps each day, your goal for week one is 3500 each day. Your week 2 goal is 4000 each day. Continue to increase each week and you should be averaging 10,000 steps by the end of 14 week.

What is your stride?

The average stride varies between Men and Women. Women typically average a stride of 2 feet while Men average a stride of 3 feet.  What is your stride?  Let’s do a walking test to find out!

  • Measure a 20 ft distance marking the starting and finish line. 
  • Start walking a few feet before your starting line to ensure you are in a normal stride.
  • Then count the number of steps it takes you to walk the 20 ft!  Do this 4 times and take the average of all the trails.  
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