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Facing Stressful Situations

Cleveland Clinic Staff Traffic jams, a demanding boss, arguments with your spouse: Stressful situations happen in life. There’s nothing you can do about most of that. But you can control how you react. During tense situations, do you spiral into … Continue reading

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Maximize Your Lunchtime Walk

Lunchtime can be a great time to get in a walking workout. Here are tips to make the most of 30 minutes of walking. In 30 minutes you can cover between 1.5 to 2 miles or two to four kilometers. … Continue reading

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Healthy Food Alternatives

This is a great article about some everyday foods that you can swap for similar, healthier options.  If you’re trying to eat healthier, making these types of small substitutions and changes can really make a big impact.  It’s the little things … Continue reading

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Tips for Using a Pedometer

5 Tips for Using Your Pedometer 1)      Wear your pedometer is clipped to your waistband or belt, midway between your navel and your hip in line with your knee.  Make sure it is tightly in place.  Pedometers must be parallel … Continue reading

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