The Paoli Hospital Wellness Council

Paoli Hospital’s Wellness Council’s Journey began in January 2010.  Our team includes administrators, directors, managers and staff representation.  Our mission is to provide a supportive environment that encourages healthy behaviors, fun activities, and opportunities for wellness at work.

By encouraging our employees to adopt healthier behaviors and lifestyles, employees won’t have to go to the doctor as often, are absent from work less, and will be more engaged, which helps the bottom line in any profession.  We recognized that, as an organization, we needed to start practicing what we preached.  As leaders in healthcare we are so good at educating our patients about disease prevention, yet we needed to start “walking the talk”.

The intent of our program is not to penalize people based on their health, but rather to motivate and encourage everyone to take action to reduce their risk of disease and improve their quality of life both professionally and personally.

The success of our team has won us acknowledgement from the Philadelphia Business Journal for the 2011 Healthiest Employer Award and the American Heart Association Fit Friendly Gold Award for 2011, 2012, and 2013.

If you have any questions or are interested in being on the Wellness Council, please contact us at

PH Wellness Council
Gina Carter
Michele Collins
Eileen Condron
Debbie Eddinger
Rita Edwards
Deb Fedora (Co-chair)
Heather Forgione (Co-chair)
Jane Klotzbach
Karen Kofalt
Mike Montanye
Angela Schott
Joe Shay
Lynne Stilley
Janet Wendle
Rebecca Wojcik
Brad Zerr

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